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I am an author, illustrator and creative writing motivator for kids. My products are designed to inspire children to write and imagine.

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Kids can LOVE to write! Learn my classroom-tested techniques for getting kids of all ages to love to write. Motivational and practical advice.

Sparks, Year One: Creative writing lessons that kids will love! 37 kid-friendly writing prompts for teachers and parents.

Sparks, Year One: Homeschool Edition. The same book tailored to the needs of homeschoolers.

Write Your Own Cartoons! A collection of 26 original comic strips to which kids can add their own words.

The Adventures of Pirate Dog. Here are some of my best drawings to use as picture prompts with elementary school kids.

The Mystery of the Mummy Monkey. Since my first picture prompt book has been so popular, I've added a second one -- all new drawings and accompanying worksheets.

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